Board Members

Veda Chowdhury

Pooja Verma
EV President

Mythili Changanti
EVP of Finance

Swathi Vikraman
EVP of Mentorship

Loan Tran
EVP of Professional Development

Emily Martin
EVP Marketing

Leah Pierre
VP of Community Outreach

Andrea Ohrt
VP of Membership

Lakshmi Subramaniam
VP of Communications

Ashley Samiez
VP of Logistics

Veronica Andrade
VP of Public Relations


Welcome to the University of Houston chapter of the National Association of Women MBAs. 

Our Mission

The National Association of Women MBAs is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering female business professionals, assisting women into leadership positions  in business, and enhancing the diversity of the workforce worldwide.  

UH NAWMBA Student Board members work to achieve this goal by fo
cusing programs around professional development,  community outreach and mentoring.

Our Values


National Association of Women MBAs works to educate students on the career opportunities available and the skills that are necessary to succeed by supporting local chapter programs as well as publications and events at the national level, including an annual national conference hosted by several different graduate school programs each year. 

Professional Development: 
National Association of Women MBAs encourages the continued education and professional development of women in business by supporting the development of professional chapters, an annual national conference, and the publication of Woman MBA magazine. 

National Association of Women MBAs provides networking opportunities for students and professionals in business with organizations that are committed to the development of women's roles in business. 

National Association of Women MBAs facilitates increased communication and collaboration among graduate business school programs regarding their initiatives to educate and encourage women in business. The organization's continued viability is made possible through the generous contributions from corporations that actively engage in the supporting and hiring of women MBA's.

2015 Student Chapter of the Year!!!

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