Board Positions



    • Responsible for coordinating the logistics of all events as needed
    • Collaborates strongly with:
      •  The Executive V.P. of Professional Development for workshops/seminars, etc.
      • The Executive V.P. of Mentorship for Mentoring Program Events
      • The Executive V.P. of Membership for Rush Week and recruitment events and all other programs as needed based on the events being scheduled by the Board
    • Plan/promote social events as needed and will attend and organize MBA orientation and Rush Week during the fall and spring semesters
    • Will work alongside counterparts in the Bauer MBA Society to plan joint events, and will work with the neighboring NAWMBA Chapters as needed
    • Will work side by side with the V.P. of Community Outreach in the planning/execution of all events


    • Handles all internal communications, sends out weekly newsletter
    • Will review all marketing materials created by the Executive V.P. of Marketing before forwarding to NAWMBA-UH members
    • Works closely with the Executive V.P. of Membership to ensure member lists are accurate and up to date
    • Will continue to manage Board email accounts and set up all new internal communication requirement
    • All communications to be forwarded to general body members (excluding event-specific member lists to be handled by the main contact for that specific event) will be sent to the V.P. of Communications for review/corrections first, before being forwarded to final general body recipients


    • Play a key role in documenting UH NAWMBA events throughout the semester. 
    • Own a digital camera (a good phone camera will also do), and will be responsible for planning the composition of photographs, analyzing subject material, using artistic judgment, and selecting appropriate equipment to best fit the needs of the assignment. 
    • Coordinate with VP of Community Outreach and EVP of Professional Development to understand the events scheduled and the photos required.
    • Work with VP of Marketing to promote NAWMBA events.